Let us put your favorite Quotes, Phrases, Pictures, Sayings and Verses on Tile… 

Our tiles come in various Shades and Sizes

We feature 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, and 10×10 Tiles as well as “A Tile in a Box”

The prices are as follows, but are subject to change due to the nature of your tile design request:

*A custom order fee of $7.50 will applied at time of pick up*

  4×4 $17.95
  6×6 $25.95
  8×8 $35.95
10×10 $47.95
Tile in a Box $50.00


Tiles can be Custom ordered too, just ask how we can do this for you!!  There is a $7.50  Custom order charge per Picture, Saying OR Quote~

Stands are not included but are available at an additional cost upon request. Cost are $5 $7 and $8 prices depend on the size of your tile.

Stands are available in Acrylic and Wood~